A Statement from Anna Batista on PPS Contracting


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PITTSBURGH, PA – “As I’m speaking to neighbors in the remaining days before the primary election, I’ve been asked about the press coverage of the Superintendent. I am troubled by the recent allegations of improper contracting. We must take care to review all the facts and not rush to judgement unfairly, so I support a thorough investigation to understand what occurred.

The majority of our school budget is made up from taxes paid by our hard working residents. The board must be vigilant about how that money is spent, and staff must be responsible for proper implementation of our investments. The Board is a steward of our shared resources, and responsibility to our residents and our students is paramount.

Voters have started asking how we can avoid situations of potential misuse of PPS funds. The board must be diligent in its review of the budget and any approvals for specific projects. We must make sure that appropriate experts are involved in decision making. We must ask the right questions. If improprieties are found, or it is discovered that funds have been misused or misallocated, the board must take swift corrective action and hold accountable anyone who acts improperly.”

Anna Batista

About Anna Batista:
Anna Batista is a PPS parent with a background in public policy. She works professionally in government policy planning and implementation; communicating with diverse stakeholders and interpreting data and for program improvement. She will bring to the school board a strong understanding of the complexities of educational issues. She has been part of the local chapter of the advocacy group Fair Districts PA since 2016, and is active in the PTO of her children’s preschool.

Anna Batista is 34 years old and came to Pittsburgh in 2010 to attend graduate school at Carnegie Mellon. She has since fallen in love with the City. She is a graduate of Cornell University with a BA in economics, as well as the H. John Heinz Graduate School of Public Policy. Anna and her husband, Aaron, live in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh with their three children, the oldest of whom attends Pittsburgh Colfax, and the middle of whom will begin Kindergarten at Colfax this coming fall.

Anna is excited to share her vision for Pittsburgh Public Schools, one that is solution driven, collaborative and focused on the whole student experience.